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One of the primary aspects of enhancing the look of a property is to work on its landscaping needs. Fortunately for clients who need professional assistance in Moorpark, CA, a hardscape contractor and arborist like Gonzalez Landscaping and Tree Service are always ready to take on the job. We can present services that are one-of-a-kind and prompt, always make sure you are happy with the outcome and keep everything professional at all times.

What We Offer

Tree Trimming
Trees need to be taken care of properly, which means they need to be trimmed by someone with plenty of knowledge. If your trees are beginning to touch the power lines or have hanging branches, make sure you contact us so we can bring our shears and start working! Keeping a safe lawn is one of the most vital things to consider for your property. We can help you achieve that through our professional tree trimming assistance. 
Is your yard too plain and dull? Do you want it to be the cherry-on-top of your home or commercial space? Book our landscaping service, and we will provide you with dependable front yard landscaping assistance and more. Whether you want an English cottage, luxurious, or minimalist style, we will be able to handle it for you. Because we are experienced experts, nothing can stop us from making you one hundred percent satisfied!


If you need any help with your irrigation system, we provide a service for that. The even distribution of water will help your grass, plants, and flowers to flourish and bloom even during the hottest time of the year. You must keep a well-working irrigation system for your garden. Choose our service today to ensure exceptional and careful results. 
Another marvelous idea for your landscape beautification needs is to consider installing a patio, stylish driveway, walkway, and water features like a fountain, pond, or a lovely pool. But you will need a hardscaping professional that can turn your visions into a reality! There are many ways to hardscape your property, and as long as you hire the right pro, nothing is impossible.

Sprinkler System Installer

Sprinkler System Installer
Don't have a sprinkler system for your garden yet? Don't wait for another week or month to pass! Make sure your plants receive the water they need at the right time. We offer trustworthy sprinkler system installer services to clients in the local area. We will make sure we appropriately place it so you won't encounter defects and other problems with your yard.

Other Offers

Other Offers
We are also a professional arborist who is keen on detail and quality. We offer excellent tree service, tree removal, and tree pruning. Your trees should look clean and should also be safe for your lawn. When it comes to removing them, it's best to let an expert like us handle the job to avoid accidents, injuries, and property damage. You don't need to worry because we always use top-quality tools like chainsaws, shears, axes, and loppers to manage your tree's needs. Book our landscaping and tree service today!

Why Us?

If you hire us, you don’t need to worry about poor results because we always make sure our customers get the kind of outcome they expect. With our services, your landscape and trees will surely be in good hands. We possess the right skills, training, experience, knowledge, and equipment to manage the work, and we will not leave until you are satisfied with the results we produce.

How We Provide Our Services

After we discuss your needs and speak with you, we will be there at your location as fast as we can. We don’t like making our clients wait. We will inspect and analyze your area to ensure we use the right tools and techniques for the job to be a success. You can sit back, relax, and wait for a dazzling yard and trees once the work is complete. Choose us to be your service provider. We will not fail you!

Gonzalez Landscaping and Tree Service is the top landscaping contractor in the area. With impressive services in Moorpark, CA, your landscape will soon make your property admirable and look elegant. To schedule, dial (805) 573-0809. We will be glad to serve you.

Client’s Testimonial

Dec 14, 2020
Beyond Expectations!

For my property, I wanted to make sure it is taken care of professionally and properly. I've always wanted my landscape and trees to look clean and elegant. My friend suggested this landscaping and tree service provider to me, and I immediately hired them after checking their background. They actually delivered results beyond my expectations! I can't thank them enough. If you need a reliable expert for your landscape, I recommend these experts. 

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